Skinema's Os-scars: The Skinnies Awards
Everyone's buzzing about the Golden Globes, The Director's Guild Awards, and of course, Academy Awards. But here at, we understand that the power of most media is visual. Sure, good movies have enthralling characters, snappy dialogue, and heartfelt performances. Yet since image is just about everything, great cinema has to start with skin. Skin also leads the way in music videos, cable TV and Youtube. In fact, all of the winners below have skin conditions that reflect their characters' overall themes. While the following may be considered a superficial analysis of the year's media, we feel it is more than just skin deep. And best yet: no cheesy dance sequences! Enjoy 20 years' worth of ceremonies: let the best skin win!
2016, 20th Anniversary!

Beyoncé and Adele break out. Deadpool educates? Leo's lips.


Jon Hamm's white patch burden. Jolie's viral affliction. Cosby's scandalous spots.


Selena Gomez' immune issues. Hugh Jackman: Skin cancer survivor. The skin of TV's "Scandal."


Jennifer Lawrence's problem pores. Cruise and Foxx's special scars. Kim Kardashian's Life Achievement award.


Kim Kardashian's Krust. The Secret of J-Lo's Thighs. Michelle Williams' Mark.


Natalie Portman's stressed out skin. Snooki: Role model? Justin Bieber's lack of blemishes.


Adam Lambert's acne. Heigl survives skin cancer. Lilo's good behavior.


Sara Jessica Parker's missing mole. Tina Fey's skin secret. Obama, Twilight and Button.


Nic Cage's enduring hair line. Will Smith's acne victory. Britney's lifetime achievement.

Sun exposed Britney. Seal's striking scars. And Brittany Murphy's surprisingly lush lips.

Katie Holmes' bad timing. The many lesions of Brangelina. What does Johnny Depp have to do with syphilis?


Lohan's freckles. Foxx's biographical boils. And the skin of Nicole Kidman.


Theron's makeover (and under). Penn's neck misleads. MJ (again).


Kidman is nosy. Liz get treated. Myers is (thankfully) obsessed.


A scarred Bratt. Beautiful lesions. Skin of the Lord of the Rings.


A scarred gladiator. The unbreakable and the uncomb-able. Having a ball with sunscreen.


A spacey scar. Skin findings worth a million dollars. Skinematic tattoos, tans, and acne.


Excellent use of soft focus. Iron mask facials. Oscar winning tattoos.


Titanic sun damage. Freckle spots in boogie nights. The special George Hamil-tan award


The first ceremony. Where it all began. And some skin stuff too.

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