Acne-Ridden Ingénues (Tie):

Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence

The entertainment awards process is grueling for celebrities, especially because pitting different films and their actors against each other is much like comparing apples with pomegranates.  Take two of this season’s lauded performers.  Both starred in tent-pole franchises midway through 2012 that earned millions (of fans…and dollars).  They ended the year with intimate performances that have garnered raves.  So is it fair that Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway should be judged, compared like thumbed over produce at a fruit stand at Hollywood and Vine?
  At, we recognize that for at least one criterion, these women deserve equal recognition.  When it comes to the skin, both of these high wattage actresses share the same distinction:  they are similarly prone to congested facial pores.  So for the first time in the history of our site, we can do what the Oscars and the Golden Globes cannot:  Award a tie.

Anne Hathaway.  Glamorous.  Sweet.  Yet unable to get a break from adult acne. Whether riding a super cool cycle as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises,” or wailing emotionally as Fantine in the cinematic version of “Les Misérables,” her complexion appears consistently on the verge of a breakdown. 

Hathaway has it all...
including belmishes on her forehead...
...and chin.

Like many adults, she is plagued not by deep teen cysts, but with comedones, pores that are plugged with a protein called keratin. While her red carpet dress is covered with shiny sequins, her face displays an equal number of comedones, any one of which may, like paparazzi flash bulbs of yore, explode with inflammation, zits rather than glitz.

Jennifer Lawrence.  Gorgeous. Spunky.  Youthful, yet old enough at 22 to be done with acne problems, right? As many hapless 20-somethings learn, adult acne plays by its own rules.  Much like her role Katniss, plunged into unfair sport of “The Hunger Games,” Lawrence must confront a remorseless foe. And alongside her widowed character Tiffany in “The Silver Linings Playbook,” acne is enough to cause anyone a bit of emotional instability.


In their own personal Oscar moments, both Hathaway and Lawrence may cry out: “Why?”  “Why me?”  and "Why would a website show high res pics of my pores?”  As for the first two queries, there is no great reason that people enter into a phase where stress and hormonal flux cause a congested complexion.  Adult acne is not an allergy, not due to dietary deficiency or environmental exposures.  Some things are just not fair.  As to why we post these images, it is to relay the message that this is a common problem, potentially affecting anyone from the movie makeup crew to the gaffer to even the marquee stars.  Treatment can also be challenging.  If there were a simple fix to clear skin, these images would not exist.  Lawrence and Hathaway, as movie stars, have perhaps the greatest incentive to avoiding pimples, yet their acne accompanies them to the red carpet nonetheless.

The happy ending to their personal sagas is not just that they have simultaneously been awarded “Skinnies.” It is the fact that prescription creams such as Retin-A, Differin, Tazorac and Finacea all can be used to gradually clear pores, and are typically more effective than over-the-counter treatments.  Anne can dream a dream of zits gone by.  May Jennifer’s odds for lack of blackheads be ever in her favor. These creams may cause facial dryness and sun sensitivity, but both actresses can aspire to have it all: Shiny award statuettes and clear skin.

Runner-up, Acne-Ridden Ingénue:
Amanda Seyfried

She plays Anne Hathaway’s adult daughter in “Les Miz”.  Like Jennifer Lawrence, she is blonde and in her twenties.  And she has acne too. At least she is in good company on the award show circuit.

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