Champion with the Most Body Art:

That Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

How times have changed.  For decades, tattoos seen in movies indicated bad guys and bums.  This has been the case, even in the last 10 years when tattooing by the general public reached a level of popularity only rivaled by the number of views of Rachel Black’s attempts at singing on YouTube.  At long last, movie characters with body art are featured as champs, not chumps.  And the current queen of heroic tattooed triumph:  Lisbeth Salander, the eponymous Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Whether played by Swedish actress Noomi Rapace or American thesp Rooney Mara it is clear that Salander can only be portrayed if you have a quirky first name that features two "o's".  As the modern answer to James Bond, Salander kicks serious butt.  She solves mysteries, hacks into any tech device and rides a mean motorcycle.  All this without scraping her tatts or having her piercings snag on Swedish foliage. 

The film shows epic product placement for skin ink. Not only does the camera lovingly fixate on Lisbeth’s designs, she is actually shown adding more to her collection.  In a selfless act of giving, she tattoos the belly of her rapist as a helpful warning to potential future victims.  To top it off, the featured product, "Tattoo," is in the movie’s title. Take that, Transformer franchise!

Salander will no doubt always love her tatts. But some outside of the action movie star profession tire of their “illustrat-skins” and desire removal.  Lasers can gradually fade most tattoo pigments, usually without scarring.  The key word is “gradually.”  Blue black pigment, which best absorbs laser energy and so shows the fastest rate of removal, may still require 3 sessions minimum for clearance over several months.  Other colors can take even longer.

Researchers as clever as Lisbeth have developed a new version of tattoo ink called InfinitInk.  While it looks like a normal tattoo, the pigment is primed for a more efficient response to laser treatments.  The makers claim that it clears 3 times faster that normal skin ink.  Like we said, times change, and sometimes that twenty-something tatt needs to be left in the past.

Champion with the Most Body Art

Dwayne Johnson from “Fast Five.” 
Ed Helms from “The Hangover Part II”

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