Uncredited Co-Star:

Mark Wahlberg's Extra Nipple

In "The Fighter," Mark Wahlberg's opponent takes a hard right.
Was he distracted by Mark's small chest lesion?
In "The Fighter, " Mark Wahlberg portrays the real life boxer Micky Ward, a working class guy who was consistently overshadowed by his flamboyant older brother. Seen briefly in the film is a lesion with a similar story.

Mark Wahlberg is an exceptional Hollywood success story. He was able to parlay a teen career in hip hop into bona fide movie stardom. He also has impressive producing credits, having created the TV show "Entourage." It may surprise some that Wahlberg has a single lesion entourage all his own: An extra nipple.

Arising from the shadow of Wahlberg's consistently toned left chest, this "nipp-let" is a form of a birthmark. They can occur singly or occasionally on both sides of the chest or abdomen. Other than occasionally rubbing or becoming irritated, they usually represent no health risk. Usually, they are small enough that there should be no cosmetic concern.

The editors of "Sports Illustrated" must have disagreed. Perhaps they thought an extra nipp might distract readers from Wahlberg's impressive pecs and abs, so they heartlessly photoshopped it away from published pics. Echoing the situation of Micky Ward, like so many of those who toil behind the scenes in Tinsel Town, Mark's nipple was overshadowed and ignored by a hard driving media machine.

Wahlberg wasn't always so reticent with his spot. In his early days as hip hop rapper, he seemed to flaunt his nipple like a piece of permanent bling. Though now more hidden away, Wahlberg has opted not to have is surgically removed, an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia. While some might prefer a linear scar, not Marky Mark. He retains the lesion, which could be called "Marky Mark's Mark".

Both men and women can have extra nipples.
Lily Allen is a British singer and TV personality who shows no shame about her special appendage.
She has revealed her lesion at least three times on TV, giving new meaning to the term, "overexposure."

Lest you think third nipps only adorn hunky movie stars and Brit pop chicks, none other than American country singin' sensation Carrie Underwood admitted to having one. No, you can't see it in the photo, so back it up. During the first round of her American Idol audition, she confessed that it had looked like "a mole" and that she had it removed. Her honesty must have impressed the judges--she went on to win the competition.

Runner-up, Uncredited co-star:
Christian Bale's facial mole in "The Fighter"

Wahlberg's "Fighter" co-star also has a little lesion that is his constant companion.
Bale's sticky-outy facial mole seems to jut into the shot during his most dramatic scenes.
Sharply bordered and evenly colored, it is unlikely to become cancerous. It certainly didn't distract from his performance, audiences are too busy staring at his funky teeth, male pattern hair loss and coke-fueled emaciated frame!


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