The 2011 Skinnies Awards

Honoring epidermal excellence in entertainment.
Without further ado: The 2011 Skinnies Awards!

Stressed Out Skin:

Natalie Portman in "Black Swan"

Epidermal Entrepreneur:
Justin Bieber's acne endorsement

Anti Role Models:

The "Jersey Shore" Crew

Time for an Intervention:

Nicole Kidman's frozen face in "Rabbit Hole"

Uncredited Co-star:

Mark Wahlberg's extra nipple in "The Fighter"

Preventable Plot Premise:

Melanoma in "The Big C"

Surprising Trend:

Heroes with Lesions

Ripped from the Headlines:
Wart Man on "Gray's Anatomy"

Congratulations to all the winners! Here's wishing you (and them) a year's worth of healthy skin!
Skinnies Awards

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