Better Late Than Never:
Lilo's sunless tanner

For her adult career, Lindsay Lohan has projected a bad girl image, with alleged partying, drug use and rocky relationships.  While this has been great for the tabloid business, Lilo’s film and music career is nearly awol.  In 2009, Lohan may have begun her comeback bid by helping young people’s skin worldwide.


With red hair and a very fair complexion, Lohan would have done well to avoid the sun growing up.  However, she came of age in Hollywood, the land of “healthy tan.”  Her extensive freckling shows that she had excessive sun exposure.  By her early 20’s, her spots seemed subdued, prompting a previous Skinnies Award.  Her potential for sun damage remains.  In 2009, she released a sunless tanning product. By endorsing this coloring cream, Lohan has joined the ranks of the sun protected.


The sun damages skin cells, increasing the risk of skin cancer.  In 2009 mainstream media reported that tanning beds also cause melanoma.  If one doesn’t want to appear fashionably fair like teen tunesmith Taylor Swift, sunless tanners are a healthy alternative.  These products contain organic dyes that safely tint the skin. While giving a temporary skin coloring, these products provide little protection from solar radiation, so sun blocks are still recommended.

While we are thrilled that Lohan is advocating sun avoidance, too many years in bikinis have resulted in early sun damage. 

Note the advanced wrinkling and discoloration.  Retin-A, Botox and fillers like Juvederm can help to defray some of the losses of collagen and volume. Lasers can be used fade sun spots and improve skin texture. But she would see little benefit without the use of sunscreen.

Lohan’s early wrinkling can be arrested by sun protection.  We hope that the above phrase is the last time the words “Lindsay Lohan” and “arrested” end up in the same sentence.

Runner-up, Better Late Than Never:
Britney's neck tatt removal
Britney Spears has had at least one of her tatts removed. These Hebrew characters were said by some to be in the wrong order. A high profile typo, likely cleared with laser.

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