Spoofable product:

Latisse eyelash treatment

With the explosion of Youtube and other video sites, information spreads like lightning.  The thunder you hear are the sophisticated parodies that quickly follow.  Latisse, a topical product that lengthens eyelashes, was released in 2009.  Even as its use skyrocketed, a spoof commercial debuted at FunnyOrDie.com:  “Lashisse.”


Latisse,  the actual treatment, stimulates eyelashes to grow longer and thicker.  Typically, lashes respond in just a few weeks with best results noted at 1-2 months.  Allergic reactions can occur, but are rare.  The active ingredient is also in an eye drop treatment for glaucoma.  When dripped within the eye, a rare side effect is a darkening of the pupil. Since Latisse is instead applied to the upper eyelid, this discoloration is unlikely.  Brooke Shields, the celeb spokesmodel for Latisse, needn’t worry about getting pupils as black as her lashes.

“Lashisse” is the spoof product in a video featuring TV actress Molly Sims (right).  While prominent lashes in women are a sign of health, youth and beauty, Sims shows that there can be too much of a good thing.  The satire shows lashes that stretch around the scalp, blow in the wind, and even crawl away.  Though results with Latisse are never this extreme, lashes up to 1-2 inches long are possible.

Though Latisse doesn’t appear to work for scalp hair (sorry Bruce Willis!), thin eyebrows may also respond.  The Jonas Brothers don’t seem to be candidates!


Runner up, Spoofable Product:  Proactiv

Youtube features a clever takeoff of Proactiv, the heavily marketed acne treatment that may promise more than it delivers.  For those desiring clogged pores, Pro-acne is for you!


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