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Chris Rock's "Good Hair"

Dermatologists help patients with hair issues.  Patients of African descent can suffer hair loss and brittle, damaged locks.  To hide damaged hair, wigs, weaves and extensions are used, which are expensive and demand constant maintenance. Often these problems are related to treatments that straighten naturally curly hair.
In his funny and insightful documentary, comedian Chris Rock examines the roots of this issue, pun intended. “Good hair,” per the movie, refers to long, straight hair, considered by some to be a standard of beauty.  To achieve this appearance, chemicals known as relaxers can be use to unwind a curly ‘do.  If left in the scalp too long, however, skin burns and hair loss can result.

In the movie, hip-hop duo Salt N Pepa reveal that the asymmetric hairstyle seen in the video for “Push It” was actually from a chemical burn.  Too much relaxer, applied too long, caused temporary baldness, not beauty.  Props to the pair for turning this accident into a stylistic trend.

Many women also use tight cornrows hairstyles.  This practice runs the risk of chronically pulling at the hair follicle.  Over time, the follicles stop making hair, causing hair loss.  Supermodel and talkshow host Tyra Banks shows the "high forehead" in part caused by cornrows. Using a looser braid can prevent this side effect.  Kudos to Rock for addressing potentially harmful style choices.


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