Comeback of the year:
Jean Claude Van Damme's forehead lump

Actor Jean Claude Van Damme is back in theaters...
...Along with this prominent forehead bump.
In the indie flick "JCVD" aging Belgian action star Jean Claude Van Damme portrays an aging Belgian action star named...Jean Claude Van Damme. This premise raises many questions. Is this a documentary? Is Van Damme finally exercising both his karate and acting chops? And most importantly: What is that lump doing on his forehead? One may initially assume this is a residual bruise from a kick boxing match. Yet since this lesion has been costarring with his forehead for many years, it is most likely a lipoma.

Lipomas are common, deep, soft bumps or masses that can occur anywhere, but usually grow on the arms, legs, and trunk. Often they are symptom-less, but can cause sudden pain or itch. There may be cosmetic concerns. In certain locations, the non-cancerous collections of fat cells are considered deforming.

Which brings us back to Van Damme. Why not remove such a large growth? It may be that the lump is not a lipoma, but is an overgrowth of bone or blood vessel tissue. And removal in any case would result in a scar. Removal of benign lesions are a personal decision. Besides, even if this is a lump of fat on his head, we doubt anyone will call him "fat-head." We would never do that, certainly.

Runner-up, Comeback of the Year:
Harrison Ford's chin scar in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Retirement Account"
Ford is back as Indy...
...Sporting his constant companion.
Nobody wants a facial scar. But Ford has seen no need to have this one lasered or surgically altered. They even made this scar part of the Indy mythology.

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