Celeb skin secret revealed:
Tina Fey's Scar

Comedienne, writer, producer, and actress Tina Fey has had quite a year.  The glam, yet down to earth gal received Emmy awards for her show “30 Rock” and rode a media tsunami with her Sarah Palin impersonation on SNL.  Her life seems charmed, but a hard to see skin defect has hinted at a traumatic past.


Usually, deft makeup artists, talented camera operators and sympathetic lighting designers have worked to give Fey’s left cheek a normal appearance.  Occasionally, however, a shadow is cast, revealing a significant depressed scar.  Since the scar runs against normal facial contours, it was a safe bet that this was not the result of an elective surgery, but rather due to some type of injury.

For years, despite media requests, the typically talkative Fey kept silent about the source of the flaw.  Unlike fellow femme Sharon Stone, Fey deigned to discuss the defect.  Her reticence simply fueled speculation and now the true story has been revealed. In a Vanity Fair piece, Fey’s husband disclosed that when she was five years old, Fey was randomly slashed by a stranger in her front yard.  The comedienne avoided discussing the incident for fear that it would seem like exploitation.


With the truth finally revealed, is there a fix for Fey’s disfigurement?  With such a longstanding defect, it is unlikely that over-the-counter creams would lend much benefit.  Similarly, peels and even fractional lasers don’t make a great difference for deep scars.  A valid option might be scar revision.  A plastic surgeon could excise the scar and re-suture the skin with better alignment to Fey's facial contours. 

Yet, Fey's career has not suffered. This scar does little to dim her star power. When you have this much talent, why mess with (im) perfection?

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Why is Angelina Jolie ("Wanted") getting so many tattoos?

Answer: So the ink will be a permanent sunscreen. Kidding! Kids--use creams with sunblock instead!


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