Missing Hollywood landmark:
Sara Jessica Parker’s mole

Like any good movie, skin spots can have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  So it goes for a recent Hollywood landmark, the protruding mole on the chin of fashion icon Sara Jessica Parker.


Not a wart, not a skin cancer, not an acne lesion, the flesh-toned nodule sported by diva for years acted like many a facial mole.  Early on, there was little to see.  SJP, started her career early in the teen TV show, "Square Pegs."  While possibly present in those simple times, her future cutaneous co-star is hard to discern.  The image from later in her teen years shows it starting to surface. Certain moles are never dark discreet beauty marks.  Their pigment cells sit deeper in the dermis, hiding the lesion from the limelight.

As Parker’s fame escalated, her mole made itself known.  Showing changes that are not a sign of cancer, the mole poked up to the surface, catching the attention of the paparazzi. With little talent of its own, the mole proved itself to be a distraction.  A literal “hanger-on,” it attempted to upstage the “Sex in the City” gang.  Could this spot become the fifth gal pal of the group?

Tragically, Parker’s mole overstayed its welcome.  Was its lumpy look pert of the reason her character Carrie couldn’t sustain healthy relationships? By becoming a topic of conversation, not all of it good, it had used up its Tinseltown shelf life.  The “Sex and the City” movie was to be its last starring role.  By that summer, SJP was seen bereft of her companion forever more.

While her publicist created controversy by suggesting that Parker had not had facial surgery, this type of mole doesn't leave on it's own. Lasers, fancy as they may be, are usually not the treatment of choice. The defenseless spot may have been shave excised, to limit scarring. Or possibly a deeper, “punch” excision was performed, perhaps with absorbable sutures to limit stitch marks.

One need not cry for her spot. You can bet a mole this memorable wasn't merely discarded, tossed into a cold, red, synthetic biohazard waste bag. No, moles, even those whose cancerous potential is low, are gently embedded in paraffin, carefully stained by skilled technicians and analyzed by trained physicians. The remains of this landmark are then kept, much like an artifact in an “Indiana Jones” movie, for posterity.

Runner-up, Missing Landmark:
Michael Chiklis's birthmark in "The Shield"
Actor Michael Chiklis looks tough...
...But even a rogue cop...
...can have a cute birthmark.

This anti-hero actor has a discrete port wine stain birthmark on his neck which will not be seen for a while.  Did he have it removed by laser?  Nah, his show “The Shield” is just off the air…



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