Surprisingly lush lips
Brittany Murphy in “The Dead Girl”

As prostitute with bad luck in the powerful ensemble piece, “The Dead Girl,” actress Brittany Murphy stands out from the rest of the cast.  Why?  Is it her ability to channel the down and out desperation of this character?  Or is it her lips that catch our attention—how did they get so swollen? 

Angelina Jolie's fashionably full lips are the gold standard for Hollywood hottie-ness.
A standard that Meg Ryan has attempted?

During young adulthood, female beauty is characterized by lips that are proportionately large compared to other facial features.  It’s what makes Angelina Jolie’s face work so well on the cineplex screen. But unlike Jolie, not all actresses are blessed with naturally bee-stung labia.  And over time, lips tend to thin.  Much like fellow actress Meg Ryan, Brittany seems to have overcome the natural tendency for lips to regress over time. 
So how has Murphy developed a king-sized kisser?
While she is not our patient, it is safe to assume that for this role, Murphy underwent injectable lip enhancement.

This cosmetic procedure was first popularized by actress Barbara Hershey (left) who tried collagen injections for her role in “Beaches."  The treatment was later spoofed by Goldie Hawn (right) as a collagen addict in “The First Wives Club.”  While collagen is still used, the fact that it can rarely cause allergic reactions and wears off in 3-4 months has created interest in other options.  Restylane and Juvederm are made of a skin protein called hyaluronic acid which safely lifts and softens wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks.

While enhanced lips are meant to resemble Angelina, too much filler is more Daffy than Jolie.

So why doesn't every aspiring thespian go for lip injections? Cost aside, the treatments can be quite painful, even when anesthetic is used, and excess use in the lips can create a duckbilled appearance. New fillers not approved by the US FDA for use in the lips include Perlane, Radiesse, and Sculptura.  Though tempted by potentially longer lasting effects, the risk of a lumpy lookin’ lip can detract from any glamorous intent. 

This recent image shows that Brittany’s lip seems to have settled down to a normal size, yet she appears fetchingly fashionable, allowing her to consider whether a protruding pout is best for her career. 

Runner-up, Surprisingly lush lips:

Eddie Redmayne as Angelina Jolie's son in "The Good Shepherd"
No, we don't think this actor has had cosmetic lip enhancement. Since he was cast as Jolie's son, his naturally full lips probably helped him get this part!

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