Too much sun:
Tanned tabloid topic Britney Spears

Pop phenomenon Britney Spears kept the tabloids tittering this year. She had two babies in quick succession, didn’t properly use her son’s car seat, got divorced, and proceeded to party au natural. Here at, we have no comment about these indiscretions or the areas of Spears’ skin that were exposed online.  Our issue, both for the message it sends to Britney’s babies but also for young adults worldwide: What’s up with the sun tanning? 
Teen Britney may not have considered the consequences of tanning...
...but now she's got kids to think about.

As these candid photos illustrate, Britney seems to use sunscreen at the beach less often than undergarments at a nightclub.  We are not aware of health risks by going without underwear, but exposing skin to ultraviolet radiation sans sufficient SPF?  That kind of nakedness deserves an intervention, or more precisely, a SKIN-tervention.

It may be possible that Spears hasn’t heard that the sun causes premature wrinkling, facial discoloration, and that brawny, leathery look.  But recent news items reveal an even darker side to tanning. 

First Lady Laura Bush stands with some guy.
She's all smiles...
...Despite needing to bandage her skin cancer surgery site.

First lady Laura Bush underwent treatment for a squamous cell skin cancer on her leg related to the solar rays she endured in her adolescence in Texas.  Though usually not fatal, non-melanoma skin cancers get larger, bleed, and are simply not glamorous.  Not to mention that the first lady’s leg still hadn’t healed a month after surgery.

2006 was also notable for that announcement that the Miss America contestant from Maryland, 21-year-old Brittany Lietz, after a few years of tanning bed addiction, developed a melanoma skin cancer on her back.  Now left with an 8 inch scar, she will need close follow up to insure that the cancer doesn’t spread to her lymph nodes and beyond. 

So Spears, we’re beggin’ here.  We realize your theme song for social lapses is “Oops, I did it again.”  For your sake, your children’s sake, and for your fans, slap on a hat, slop on some sun block, and give the rays a rest.

Runner up, too much sun:
Jessica Simpson

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