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Scarlett Johansson

 We're not sure what Johansson's looking at, but we can't get past her moles.

Moles come in many varieties. Regular pigmented moles (called nevi by docs) can be flat (junctional), slightly raised (compound), or lumpy (dermal). Birthmark moles are present at birth (duh), blue moles (double duh). Beauty marks are solitary dark moles near the mouth or eyes. Think Marilyn Monroe with her single seductive spot. While most prefer one dark facial mole, some are blessed with a multitude of facial bumps. Rising star Scarlett Johansson ("Lost in Translation" and "The Girl with the Pearl Earring") is one of these lucky ladies. These many moles don't appear dangerous, none have the irregular coloration or shape to suggest a cancerous future. Some faces are overwhelmed by this number of decorative dots.


Johansson's facial structure, high cheekbones, and full lips effectively draw attention away from her benign bumps. Perhaps it is because of these lesions that she has held her own with such dermatologically dramatic co-stars as her "Lost in Translation" lead, acne scarred Bill Murray, "Ghost World's" equally moley Thora Birch, and sun damaged actor/director Robert Redford, her weathered equine trainer in "The Horse Whisperer."


Not all celebs are so lucky. For some, their fame grows so rapidly, that their growths are left behind.

Charismatic crooner Enrique Iglesias surprised legions of swooning fans by having his signature spot sent the way of most pop star's careers. Because his mole showed no signs of irregularity, the surgical removal was probably for cosmetic rather than medical concerrns.

 Young Gordon Sumner's chin mole looked much like a bee sting.

 In "Dune," it is bigger and darker.

 Wait, what is he doing with that knife?

 Knife or no, the mole is now gone.

 Along with hopes for a reunion of the Police.
Geriatric Grammy winner Sting also tired of his mole. Initially small and dark, it grew large and lumpy. Now every breath he takes, every move he makes, he'll be watching...his scar. Okay, we'll stick with mole evaluation and removal and leave entertainment to Sting, Iglesias, and Johnansson.

Runner's up, Moliest Mug:



 Jude Law, "Cold Mountain,"

 Paul Weller, "Timeline"

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