Fallen former role model:

Acne diva Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston has been known to all as a superstar singer, performer, and glamorous movie star. Yet despite her profound beauty and grace, like so many afflicted adults, she has acne and acne scarring. For years, this fact reassured millions suffering with forms of this common, distressing condition. At least they were not alone. At least they shared their pain with a veritable force in entertainment.
But in 2002, Whitney Houston's skin seemed the least of her problems. The chanteuse just couldn't catch a break. Husband in and out of jail. Music career up and down. Rumors of drug use. Her disturbingly gaunt appearance at a celebration of fellow troubled superstar Michael Jackson. By year's end, a revealing interview establishing her (ongoing?) addiction to drugs.
This gradual image change has been problematic for the entire crew of skinema.com, the premier morally pure web site posting wholesome examples of celebrity skin conditions that the entire family can enjoy. It makes it difficult to continue to feature Houston as a role model. Is this the same Whitney who looked in the mirror and would not let her acne or acne scarring stop her ascent to music super stardom? The one who, pimples be damned, captivated us all with that long note at the end of "I Will Always Love You?" The one who was never a good dancer, but hey, at least she could sing like nobody's business? Perhaps. But now we are forced to consider a new generation with whom America's young people can commiserate.
Fortunately for all of us, Whitney is not the only musician to battle acne while creating Muzak. As you can see, all of the following divas have less-than-divine skin:


 Alicia Keys

 Nelly Furtado

 Beyonce Knowles

 Charlotte Church


 R & B

 Alternative pop

 Hip Hop-era

 Plain Old Opera
It is clear that stress plays a large role in worsening pimple production. The notorious highs and lows of a professional music career can wreak havoc on the system of the finest MTV wanna-be. After all, one moment you're Michael "Thriller" Jackson and the next you're Michael "What was the name of his last album?" Jackson. To steal a joke from funny-man Chris Rock: In music, you're "Here today, gone today." Combine that with performing in smoky clubs late at night, not having access to the fine foods stipulated in your contract, and the occasional consumption of (gasp!) illicit substances, it's no wonder these ladies headline the Zit-field follies. Our advice, relax, rejuvenate, and rehab. Perhaps the emotional havoc acne plays on self esteem will be channeled into greater artistic achievements. And never forget, when on that lonely road, touring the musical venues of the world, at least these ladies will have a home here at skinema.com.

Fallen role model, Runner up:

Tan-free Winona Ryder.

Winona was one of our best examples of a fabulously fair-skinned famous femme. Now we suspect she avoided excess sun by spending inordinate time in department store dressing rooms...




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