Honorary dermatology degree:

Skin-obsessed Mike Myers


 Honorary undergraduate degrees are so commonplace that scores are awarded yearly, primarily to entice celebs to speak at otherwise boring commencement ceremonies. We are not aware of anyone receiving an amateur dermatologist degree...until now. With "Austin Powers in Goldmember," we have come to consider actor/writer/man of mystery Mike Myers one of our own. Only someone profoundly obsessed with the human epidermis would consider including the following conditions at fodder for 60's era chuckles: Large moles, small moles, beauty marks, acne scars, evil scars, evil hair loss, body hair, male breasts, extra nipples (several!), sun damage, the Unibrow, lasers, tattoos, redundant skin, and frowning, just to name quite a few. If Myers has any interest in giving up his day job, there is plenty of room for him at the skinema clinic. And if he needs some more wacky dermatology conditions for "Austin Powers 4," have him call. Believe or not, there are at least a couple left...

 Official disclaimer: Of course, we can't really give Myers a dermatology degree. Dermatologists cross substantial hurdles before they are trusted with the care of the world's skin. In the US these include, but are not limited to: four years of pre-medical courses, four years of medical school, one year of a general internship, and at least three years of dermatology residency. Upon successful completion of this training, candidates are subjected to a rigorous two day board exam before obtaining Board certification by the American Board of Dermatology. So unfortunately, much as we'd like to, we can't actually make Myers a dermatologist. Besides, he's Canadian.

Honorary Dermatology degree,

Runners up:



 Director Peter Jackson, for "Lord of the Rings."

 Adam Sandler, for "Mr. Deeds," "8 Crazy Nights" and his generally superficial nature.




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