Prosthetic makeup best used to deglamorize a gorgeous star:

Nicole Kidman in "The Hours."




 Nic is nosy as...

 ...depressed writer Virginia Woolf.

 Nic's normally svelte schnozz

Who is that She in Woolf's clothing? None other than Aussie actress Nicole Kidman!

 What is beauty? It has been established that the features of a beautiful face adhere to specific ratios. The nose and chin are minimized, while the eyes and lips look best living large. Faces that are consistently considered beautiful usually fit these proportions, such as Aussie bombshell Kidman's.

 Posing as writer Virginia Woolf, Nic has a nose job, though not the traditional Beverly Hills bob. In this case prosthetic makeup is used to create a nose out of proportion with Kidman's balanced features. While approximating Woolf's appearance, it renders Kidman nearly unrecognizable. Why cast Nicole, then? Plenty of women already have a full nose. We surmise it is because of potential Oscar recognition. Realistic roles with problem skin have repeatedly meant consideration for Academy Awards. While this has been especially true of male actors, why shouldn't a woman attempt the same? It is a sad comment on our society that men who don prosthetic makeup for these juicy dramatic characters go for the extreme--such as severe facial burn scars. While all Kidman needs is a slightly bigger nose to get Hours of press.


Most deglamorizing prosthetic, Runners-up:



 Salma Hayek's unibrow in "Frida."

 Tom Cruise's Jowls in "Minority Report".

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