Performer with the most moles:

Gwen Stefani of "No Doubt"


Charismatic, energetic, a powerful singer, pop star Gwen Stefani seems to have it all. And she has the moles to match. Growing up in LA, Stefani was exposed to various musical styles that she and the members of "No Doubt" would later mix into a tasty cocktail of Rock, Pop, Ska, and Funk. She was also likely exposed to more sun than her fair skin was designed to handle.


Moles occur from genetics, but also from childhood sun exposure. Closely watching moles for changes in shape or color and avoiding el sol es muy importante.


Unfortunately, her current tanned appearance suggests that the Sun still has a backstage pass to her sold out show.


Should people like Stefani have their moles checked routinely? No Doubt.

Runners up, Moley Performer:

None, unless moley actors Matt Damon and Chloe Sevigny attempt cross over singing careers.

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