Consistently broken out while film career is breaking out:

Snoop Doggy Dogg


The Snoop Dogg starred in four major flicks in 2001, all of which feature acne action.

Snoop is broken out in "Bad Boy."

Hip hop artist and emerging actor Snoop Doggy Dogg has had quite a year. Born Calvin Broadus, Snoop Dogg appears to be transitioning from a lucrative musical career to the movies. With roles in no less than four mainstream flicks in 2001, perhaps he should be renamed "Hott Dogg." At the left he utilizes his patented scowl in "Training Day."


Has this pimp daddy become a pimply daddy?

And in each one of these films, Snoop's got visible inflamed spots on his cheeks. Here are examples from the Halloween feature, "Bones." It is ironic that while canines tolerate their own hair with nary a problem, Snoop's beard hair just won't behave. We're talking pseudofolliculitis barbae. No, that's not hip-hop slang, it's the name of this common reaction to ingrown hairs. Abbreviated "PFB," ingrown facial hair is common, especially when the hair is curly. Growing a beard can minimize this risk as can creams like Retin-A that normalize pores.


Snoop is not a token black actor, but he appears to be a tokin' black actor, from "The Wash."

We are not aware that the medical uses of inhaled cannabis (marijuana) include treating PFB. Nice try, Snoop Dogg, but you're in the Dogg House for this one.

Runners up, face broken out while career breaking out:


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Martin Lawrence, "Black Knight"

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