Largest cast with largest organ dysfunction:

The Lord of the Rings gang

Dungeons, Dragons, and Dermatology:



 From Frodo's fuzzy feet...

 ...To battle-scarred ornery Orcs

Though closely matched by the badly titled noir thriller "Sexy Beast," and the just plain bad horror remake "13 Ghosts," on sheer numbers of skin challenged characters alone, LOTR kicks axe. No less than 26 characters reveal at least 36 separate skin conditions. From acne to vitiligo, it's all the skin a fantasy fan could desire. Given that there are two sequels due for the next two years, we may just have to retire this category until 2005! For a trilogy's worth of Dungeons, Dragons, & Dermatology, take a gander...

Runners up, largest cast with problem skin:


"Black Hawk Down"


"13 Ghosts"

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