Baldest Cast:



Rebecca Pidgeon

Ricky Jay

Gene Hackman 

 Danny DeVito

Delroy Lindo 



Scalp hair loss: 

0 % 

40 % 

60 % 

 80 %

100 % 


alternative title: Balding, Balder, Bald, Baldest
You've got to give writer/director David Mamet credit. While other crime capers like "Ocean's Eleven" and "Snatch" feature only actors that are fully tressed, "Heist" employs thespians with increasingly naked scalps. The group also gives good reason that a bunch of thugs would spend time on witty banter: to distract each other from noticing their lack of hair. Does this ensemble actually shatter the stereotype of less hair means greater evil? Not entirely. The characters are crooks and all represent anti-heroes if anything. As the one woman in on the scheme, monotone-prone actress and coincidental Mamet wife Rebecca Pidgeon is the only one fully follicled. The day a female lead is bald and still considered attractive and morally sound will be the true breakthrough for the receding scalp lines of the universe.


Runners up, Baldest cast:


Skin heads, "Corky Romano"

Ben Kingsley's bald anti-Gandhi, "Sexy Beast"

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