Most facial lesions found on an otherwise perfect face:

(Tie) Jennifer Connelly and "Final "Fantasy's Aki Ross



Let's make no mistake about it: Jennifer Connelly is gorgeous. Flying just under the radar screen in the super stardom stratosphere, Connelly is that rare commodity: a great looking actress that's also a great actress. The last two years have proven her mettle with compelling performances in "Pollock," "Requiem for a Dream," and now "A Beautiful Mind." Yet just behind the Hollywood glamour lurk lesions. None of the following defects detract from Connelly's ability to keep us watching.


 Facial lesion

 So what?


 Sun spots  Freckle-like dark spots due to sun exposure years before. A sign of sun damage, but not themselves dangerous.  Laser: Different from the "Laser" employed by Austin Power's Dr. Evil, certain lasers fade superficial pigment without destroying the world. It seems unlikely Connelly's career is fading anytime soon.

 Angioma  Benign blood vessel growths that are a sign of passing time: otherwise known by the non P.C. term--aging. Not sun related or pre cancerous.  Electrocautery: Use of low strength electric current to cauterize the spot. Presumably the wattage generated by Connelly's own glamour has not been enough to cause this spot to go away on its own.

 Beauty mark  This small dark mole draws attention to the lips. No treatment necessary. Want to know why?

 Smile lines  An early career as a model may have predisposed her to these lines. Constant smiling can agitate the skin, causing furrows  Collagen: The lines facial expression brings, collagen injections can minimize. Bovine collagen can plump up crevices to restore a smooth appearance. Skin tests are done to rule out potential allergy. Despite these lesions, the reaction that most would have seeing Connelly is not allergic in nature...



 "Final Fantasy's" Aki Ross

has a beauty mark too

and pores galore! 

For a millisecond, we at feared that the advent of realistic computer generated images (CGI) would put us out of work. If anything, CGI is keeping us as busy as ever. Realism includes imperfection, so nothing looks more genuine than a skin lesion or three. And the most accurately rendered computer skin of the year goes to pixilated pixie Aki. Check out those pores! Some film studio computer lackey put off playing video games for at least six months to create skin this authentic. The nice thing about a computer complexion is that traditional treatments for problem pores, such as Retin-A, glycolic acid, or microdermabrasion, are suddenly obsolete. In fact, if Aki is breaking out before a film premiere or modeling shoot, she need only click "delete" and her blemishes vanish into cyberspace. Wait a minute, is it just us, or there a close resemblance between Aki's face and Jennifer Connelly herself, down to the exact placement of her beauty mark mole?

As is often the case, some examples are overlooked, perhaps unfairly. Donald Sutherland, clearly sun spotted in "Final Fantasy," was not eligible for a Skinnies nomination this year. The film studio didn't submit Sutherland's visage so as not to ruin Aki's chances. Here at we do not condone this activity, but realize the prestige, media attention, and ultimately greater movie box office that a Skinnies award can provide may prove irresistible. We hope that Sutherland's emotional well being can recover from this unfortunate political act.

Runners up, lesions on a perfect face:


Real actress:

Charlize Theron for whatever's under all that makeup, "Sweet November."

CGI actress:

Jimmy Neutron's mom for her unexpected beauty mark

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