Best performance to distract from strange skin lesions:

Benjamin Bratt in "Piñero."


Former TV star and previous Julia Roberts beau, actor Benjamin Bratt comes into his own with a vibrant portrayal of playwright, poet, junkie Miguel Piñero. So drawn are we to his striking performance, that none of us notice anything but normal skin.

This was not the case in his previous effort "The Next Best Thing." As Madonna's boyfriend in this 2000, his presence is less than overwhelming. So we find ourselves instead staring at Bratt's four symmetric chest scars and wondering "Wha?" Scars from the removal of four extra nipples? Allergic reaction to cross dressing brassiere? Poorly rendered tattoos left over from a failed "Memento" casting call?

Visual inspection with the "pause" button engaged confirms thickened scars called keloids. Just by looking, we can only speculate as to their origin, but internet rumors maintain that they are leftover scars from Bratt's involvement in a ritualistic dance troupe. Keloids commonly occur on the chest, especially in people of color. Often itchy and unsightly, they can be thinned with injections of cortisone. Or just do a hell of an acting job and we'll never be the wiser...


Runners up, strange skin lesions:


Mark Wahlberg's unpierced extra nipple, "Rock Star." 


Russell Crowe's third eye mole, "A Beautiful Mind"


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