Most Scandal-ous Birthmark:

Joe Morton's on "Scandal"


Warning:  The TV phenomenon “Scandal” re-defines the phrase “Spoiler Alert.”  What follows are minor spoilers to anyone who has not binge-watched the series past the end of the second season. For all others, you “can handle it.”

In “Scandal,” Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope is a force.  As a “handler” of political and celebrity transgressions, Pope and her team of legal and media-savvy “Gladiators” manage to navigate increasingly complex Capitol Hill crises.  She seems to have all of DC under her thumb, including her hunky adulterous love puppy, President Fitz.  She manages to master all media, while never spilling a drop of red wine on her ivory-colored couture wardrobe.  Until the end of the show’s second season, it seemed no one could resist or intimidate “Liv.”

Enter veteran actor Joe Morton as Rowan, the sinister head of a clandestine shadow government agency called B613.  Not only does Rowan appear to frighten various veteran agent and politicos, he even has Olivia shaking in her designer boots.  Then, reminiscent of Star Wars, it is revealed that he is Liv’s father.

The similarities to Darth Vader do not end there.  For much like the baddie daddy Sith Lord, whose dramatic scarring telegraphs an evil nature, actor Morton has his own marker of malevolence:  a prominent birthmark.

On Morton’s left cheek resides a large, round, evenly colored dark nodule. Not the creation of Hollywood prosthetic makeup, this lesion has been apparent for all of Morton’s life, as recorded in images from his entertainment career.


Yes, on the left that’s Morton and his mole in the 1984 Sci-Fi indie, “Brother from Another Planet.”  His birthmark is seen again (R) in the blockbuster “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” (1991)


Birthmarks are collections of similar skin cells that group together during pregnancy.  Most birthmarks are not dangerous, but some may eventually turn cancerous. Fortunately, Morton’s birthmark shows all of the characteristics of a benign lesion.  Moles are worrisome if they are irregular in color or shape.  Morton’s mark has become slightly more raised over the years, normal for this type of facial mole. 

Some entertainers desire the cosmetic removal of birthmarks.  Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Morton’s “T-2” costar, had a neck birthmark terminated after his first few films.  Clearly, Morton’s lesion has not slowed his career. In fact, Morton’s mark might be considered his logo, brand, even capable co-star.  Also, to entirely remove the lesion would involve scarring more dramatic than the usual “Scandal” cliffhanger. So the ultimate “Fixer” Olivia Pope can relax.  Her TV dad’s birthmark is one less thing to be fixed.  His actions are another story...

Runner up:  Most Scandal-lous Birthmark:

Rebel Wilson’s extra nipple?

The “nip-slip” remains the not-so-holy grail for many paparazzi.  Their childrens' college funds depend on capturing a titillating view (pun intended) of a starlet’s nipple.  Imagine their surprise when Aussie comedienne Wilson revealed not just one nip, but two on the same breast. Yet another accessory nipple to add to the skinematic collection. In this case, both were phony. Controversy cleared, in the nip of time!

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