Boldest Botox Abstinence
Reese Witherspoon in "Walk the Line"

Is Reese Witherspoon bound for Botox?

There are many challenges facing Hollywood actresses. One age-old issue has to do with age. Traditionally, movie plots feature more roles for younger women, so there are career incentives to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible. For some, Botox cosmetic treatments can contribute toward that goal. Yet much like June Carter resisted an adulterous affair with Johnny Cash, Witherspoon has clearly abstained from this potentially tempting treatment.
Watch Reese's brow as she displays:

The images above are all from "Sweet Home Alabama," where Witherspoon plays an uptown gal who returns to her down home roots. Usually, one thinks of Reese (no relation to skinema's Dr. Reese) with a forehead as smooth as a Georgia peach. In reality, she's a frowner. She tends to knit her brow to convey a plethora of emotions. Who knows what furrows might result if she were unhappy with the on-set caterer. Though not an issue yet, this constant agitation of the skin can end up causing deep creases. Botox, by relaxing the muscles, eventually clears these lines. But Reese may not be a candidate. Without her withering frown, wither goes Witherspoon's acting range?

For now, she continues to walk the line, knowing her forehead muscles convey emotion even as they slowly produce aging furrows. We'll follow the admirable arc of Reese's career, also noting if and when she decides to undergo a brow-relaxing intervention. Vegas oddsmakers are already collecting bets whether she'll take the Botox plunge before Russell Crowe gets his moley mole removed. Just kidding, Mr. Crowe, put down that phone!

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