Since the 1950's, the evil albino character has become a film staple. Three movies released in 2004 initially planned to include characters with albinism, but then the characters were dropped.


Based on a dark comic book, this sci-fi flick features a few freakish heroes. Director Guillermo Del Toro was going to add an albino called Mr. Winters (ouch!), but felt it would lessen the impact of the other characters.

"The Punisher."

 As the Punisher, Thomas Jane was to battle...

 ...This comic book villain, the albino known as "Tombstone."

 Instead, he punched a punk with a peroxide fetish.

Another comic book character, the Punisher is out to avenge the death of his wife and child. Early drafts allegedly featured the villain "Tombstone," an angry albino that has battled various Marvel heroes, including Spiderman. Though Tombstone was cut from the actual film, the Punisher does battle a fair-skinned platinum blond baddie.

"Mean Girls."

A casting director for this adolescent comedy starring Lindsay Lohan went searching the NOAH website posting auditions for teens with albinism. What roles or scenes had been envisioned is unclear, but the final film including the DVD's deleted scenes show no trace of albinism.


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